About Us

Community Law & Mediation has evolved over the last 40 years to include a number of services, both local and national. Our services include;

  1. Community Law Centres: CLM Northside and CLM Limerick
  2. Community Education
  3. Mediation
  4. Law Reform
  5. Resources
  6. Community Support and Membership

Community Law & Mediation's Mission Statement is identifying and unlocking the legalities, regulations, policies and procedures that manifest as barriers and obstacles to a fair and better life for all individuals in the Community.

Community Law & Mediation is an Independent Law Centre, as regulated by the Law Society of Ireland, a company limited by guarantee (Company Reg. No. 69771) and a recognised charity by the Revenue Commissioners (CHY No. CHY6359).

Community Law and Mediation is committed to adopting the Governance Code for Community & Voluntary Organisations, a process which can take a typical organisation 1-2 years to complete. There is currently no statutory obligation on charities to adopt the Code, participation is voluntary. However, CLM have adopted the journey to compliance to ensure full accountability & transparency for the charity going into the future and is included in the listings on www.governancecode.ie.