Accommodation and Housing Advocacy Course QQI Level 6 starts 27th September 2018

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This QQI accredited Level 6 course offers information providers, advocacy workers and anyone with an interest in housing a broad introduction to housing services and policy in Ireland. Learners will develop their advocacy skills and the ability to apply what they have learned to the workplace.

Course Outcomes

  • List key elements of Irish and EU legislation and directives which relate to accommodation and housing
  • List the rights, entitlements, responsibilities, services and supports available to service users relating to accommodation and housing 
  • Discuss current issues in the area of accommodation and Housing
  • Outline key processes relating to accommodation and housing to include application, assessment and allocation as they relate to local authorities, voluntary and co-operative housing associations and the private market 
  • Demonstrate appropriate interpersonal skills in a one to one or group context to include active listening, interviewing, negotiation and representation skills
  • Research information relevant to accommodation and housing to include rights and responsibilities, entitlements and available supports 
  • Identify the self-advocacy capacity and advocacy support needs of service users in the area of accommodation and housing
  • Identify a social policy issue in relation to accommodation and Housing 
  • Identify elements of a case management system in the area of accommodation and housing and its application to include the compilation of reports
  • Develop appropriate working relationships with service users, families, agencies and multi-disciplinary teams 
  • Demonstrate a person centred approach to work practiceEmpower service users to self-advocate on accommodation and housing issues
  • Maintain appropriate professional boundaries, courtesy and respect in their work practice with service users. 


All students must complete the following to receive their accreditation.

Skills Demonstration                 50%
Examination (Practical)             50%
Date & Times
This course will run one morning a week on a Thursday for 12 weeks beginning on Thursday 27 Sept at 10am to 2pm.

The cost of this course is €595 (10% discount for CLM Members)

CLM Head Office

For an application form please click here.

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