CLM holds its inaugural CPD seminar

By janeosullivan, Wednesday, 20th December 2017 | 0 comments
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CLM holds its inaugural CPD seminar fundraising event







Community Law and Mediation held its inaugural CPD seminar fundraising event on Friday, the 8th of December 2017. Gerry Durcan SC opened the seminar by providing a whistle-stop tour of the latest family law cases in 2017 which included everything from divorce to polygamy.  Marguerite Bolger SC followed by outlining the recent changes in employment law in the areas of bullying and harassment, the employment relationship and the potential effects of the controversial Lyons decision on employees’ right to representation. While Garrett O’Neill, Solicitor and Assistant Commissioner in the Data Protection Commissioner's Office, ended the seminar with his update on the topical General Data Protection Regulations and it potential consequences for businesses. Attendees of the seminar earned three CPD points which included two general and one regulatory. The event was a great success and we hope to continue this new tradition into the future.  We would like to thank our speakers most sincerely for their time and for their excellent contributions.  

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