Employment Rights Advocacy Course QQI Level 6 starts on March 30th in Limerick

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This QQI accredited Level 6 course will give students a basic understanding of the Irish legal system and employment law in Ireland. Learners will develop an awareness of the main features of employment law and understand how legislation impacts on the employment relationship while becoming familiar with the legal language, procedures and documents relevant to the area of employment law. Learners will develop their advocacy skills and the ability to apply what they have learned to the workplace.

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to:

  • Outline the structures of the Irish legal system
  • Outline the fundamentals of employment law
  • Outline the role of a range of different institutions associated with regulating the employment relationship to include rights commissioners, labour relations commission, employment appeals tribunal, labour court, labour inspectorate, equality tribunal and the courts
  • List the rights, entitlements, services and supports available to people in relation to employment
  • Outline key Irish and EU directives and legislation which impact upon people in relation to employment law
  • Outline the key processes relating to employment rights to include the preparation of appeals
  • Demonstrate appropriate interpersonal skills in a one to one or group context to include active listening, interviewing, negotiation and representation skills
  • Research information relevant to employment

All students must complete the following to receive their accreditation.

  • Skills Demonstration                 50%
  • Examination (Practical)             50%

The cost of this course is €595.00 to be paid in full before the course commences (10% discount for CLM Members). 

UL Access Campus
Limerick Enterprise Development Partnership (LEDP)
Roxboro Road

Date & Times
This course will run one half day each week,  every Thursday for 12 weeks beginning on Thursday 30th March 2017 from 10.00am - 2.00pm

For an application form please contact our Community Education section or call 01 8477804

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