ESC Rights Initiative Conference – Making Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Meaningful

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What if there were enforceable economic, social and cultural rights in Ireland?

Imagine a right to housing  in Ireland, or a right to health.

The  upcoming conference Making Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Meaningful does exactly that. Organised by ESC Rights Initiative, the conference will bring together a range of stakeholders to discuss how enforceable ESC rights such as housing and health would impact on individuals and groups in Ireland, drawing on experiences from other European States where ESC rights have been given legal protection. We hope to see you there!

What: Conference – Making Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Meaningful

When: 10.30 am to 3:30pm 29 March 2017.

Where:  Oak Room, Mansion House, Dawson Street, Dublin 2.

Keynote address: Jamie Burton – Public Lawyer, Doughty Street Chambers


  • Dr. Helen Johnston – National Economic and Social Council
  • Professor Colin Harvey – Queen’s University
  • Professor Gerry Whyte – Trinity College Dublin
  • Siobhan Curran – Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre
  • Eoin Carroll – Jesuit Centre for Faith and Justice
  • Dr Austin O’Carroll
  • Debbie Mulhall – Dolphin House Community Development Association and founding member of Rialto Rights in Action
  • Dr Mary Murphy – Maynooth University and Member of IHREC
  • Eilis Barry – FLAC
  • Dr Padraic McKenna – NUI Galway
  • Michael Farrell – former Managing Solicitor with FLAC

Register for the event here: or email for further details.

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