My experience as an intern with CLM: Claire Tillard

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My experience as an intern with CLM - Claire Tillard










Claire Tillard is in her last week of a six-month internship with CLM in the offices of CLM Northside.  We would like to thank Claire most sincerely for all her work and we wish her well in her future career.  


She talks about her experience in a new blog.


I am French and I graduated from a Master’s degree in Social Welfare Law in Universite Paris Descartes in 2015.

I first came to Ireland in order to improve my language skills  but I also wanted to make this experience meaningful and rich wuth new learning.

The experience of being an intern with CLM permitted me to strengthen my knowledge of the Irish legal system in general but also to have an overview of the Irish legal framework in some specific areas such as employment law, social welfare law, housing law and data protection law. It was particularly rewarding as my specialty in France allowed me to understand the similarities and differences between our two systems on these matters. I couldn’t be more grateful to CLM staff as they quickly trusted me and involved me in their work. They gave me the opportunity to do legal research, draft documents and assist at their legal clinic on very varied subjects.  But apart from this, I also met very inspiring people. Their work not only defends the interests of people like we see in traditional law firms, but also works to develop and protect people's rights.

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