Conflict Management Coaching - Case Study

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Sometimes parties to mediation choose to take a break for conflict coaching - to help them constructively express their views, or help perspective or insight. Conflict coaching can also be useful before mediation and independently of it.

In this case, a Mum was referred to conflict coaching to help her voice her concerns about her son in mediation. She believed the other party to mediation had a long history of skilful manipulation of the truth. So much so, that this Mum was beginning to doubt herself. Nonetheless, she still had a ‘gut’ sense of her truth.

CLM Northside's Input

A CLM conflict management coach met this Mum over three sessions. The coach helped her explore her own approach to conflict and communication - particularly with the other party in mediation. The coach and client explored assumptions made about the situation, and the ‘hot buttons’ each party might push. The CLM coach helped the client identify her goals - and to examine any barriers that might stop her reaching these goals. The coach also helped the Mum explore - and practice - positive ways to achieve her objectives.


The client found her coaching sessions enormously beneficial and empowering. She said her CLM coach had helped her improve the ways she managed - and engaged in - dispute situations. She felt she could now clarify her thoughts and approach; and felt much better able to parent and look out for her son. Her shared parenting relationship mattered and was going to continue; conflict coaching helped it do so in a more emotionally restful and productive way.

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