Elder Mediation

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Party 1 was 81 years old with severe arthritis and vascular dementia.  He used a wheelchair and lived alone.  He was supported by his four children and private home carers.  Relations between the siblings had been strained since their mother died ten years ago.  As their father’s health had deteriorated, they had not been able to agree a care plan that set out who would spend time with him on which days. It had been suggested that one sibling may have been mismanaging their father’s finances.  Arguments had escalated into abusive phone calls and threatening emails, causing stress amongst the siblings and their partners.  Party 1 was aware of the fighting and had said that it upset him. Without a clear plan for managing his care at home, he was at risk of having to enter residential care.  Party 1’s family were referred to mediation by the Alzheimer Society helpline.  A care plan was drawn up providing clarity to the family members about their respective roles enabling their father to stay living in his home for as long as possible.

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