Family Mediation - Case Study

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CLM’s Mediation Service was contacted by a father in relation to ongoing conflict with his adult daughter. Both parties resided in the family home and both were employed. Due to work commitments, the father was a frequent traveller. However, at home the parties were experiencing significant difficulties in their relationship with each other.

Damage was caused to the father’s property and the situation deteriorated to the extent that the father believed that the only resolution to the relationship difficulties would be for the daughter to leave the home and find alternative accommodation. The daughter resisted this and argued that she was not in the financial position to live independently. Furthermore, she had acquired household pets in order
to provide her with company while alone in the house but acknowledged that she was finding it difficult to cope. She admitted that the situation needed to be resolved and indicated that she was amenable to mediation.

CLM Northside’s Input

CLM’s Mediation Service coordinated several mediation sessions between the parties over the course of a number of months. CLM’s mediators were able to help both the father and the daughter to communicate with each other about both the recent issues regarding the pets in the house and also more general communication problems that existed between the parties. The mediation sessions enabled the parties to address and explore the following: 

• The impact of each party’s behaviour and actions on the living arrangements;
• The impact of that behaviour on the relationship between the parties;
• The most beneficial outcome for both parties and the actions required to achieve same.


The parties were able to come to an agreement through their attendance at the mediation sessions. They agreed that alternative homes were to be found for the pets. Ground rules were also put in place in relation to their living arrangements and they both agreed to respect each other. When the Mediation Service was initially approached by one of the parties, he had described himself as being “at my wit’s end”. This case therefore reinforces the positive impact of mediation on stressful and seemingly insurmountable family situations.

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