Financial Mediation

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Party 1, a 91 year old man living alone, contacted Mediation after his electricity was cut off.   Party B, a representative from the electricity supply company was invited to an initial informal meeting after which, both parties agreed to proceed with mediation in order to bring the dispute to an amicable conclusion.

The mediation session lasted 2 hours during which time it transpired that party 1 had found a discrepancy between the meter readings and the bills sent by the company. Party 2 explained that due to Party 1’s address, it was impossible to get a meter reader to take accurate readings of the meter in question so all of Party 1’s bills were in fact, estimates. Party 2 learned of the hardship the cut off had caused and accepted that, on reflection, Party 1’s bill needed to be reassessed.  It was also agreed to review the company’s current procedure regarding meter readings and estimates. Party 2 further agreed to waive the existing charges in favour of a new more feasible charge.  A contract resolution was formatted and drawn up to the satisfaction of both parties.

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