The Casebase Process

All Casebase reports are anonymised and subject to client consent.

In order to ensure the accuracy of each report, each Casebase report is subject to the following process:

  1. Before drafting a report, we request the Appeals Officer's report under the Freedom of Information Acts.  This sets out the rationale for the decision and often a summary of the case.
  2. The Casebase report is prepared setting out the detail of the case, the evidence relied upon, the rationale for a particular decision, and highlighting the observations of CLM.
  3. The first draft of the report is sent to Ciara Murray, Public Information Consultant, to screen and ensure accuracy.
  4. The report is then sent to a barrister Michael Kinsley BL to review the report further.
  5. Any amendments are incorporated into the draft which is finally checked by a CLM Northside Solicitor prior to publication.