How to contribute to Casebase

Expanding Casebase

We would like to expand Casebase by inviting CIS’s, MABS or other organisations working in the area of Social Welfare law to contribute cases which we can publish on the database.

How to contribute to Casebase

  1. The organisation should contact the legal team at CLM Northside, to confirm whether the case in question is suitable for Casebase. ​
  2. In order to publish the case, the organisation needs to obtain the client’s consent to release the file and publish the anonymised report.
  3. The organisation must then send a copy of the full file to the legal team at CLM Northside who will make contact again once the report is finalised.

The organisation does not have to do any other work bar the above and will be acknowledged in the report as taking the case. 

Benefits for NGOs

​​By having a case published on Casebase, an organisation retains a record of the key elements of the case such as the evidence and arguments relied upon, the Appeals Officer’s decision and rationale which can be used again in a similar case.  The organisation will also be assisting in furthering the aims of Casebase, in terms of promoting greater transparency and consistency within the appeals process. Please contact the legal team if you are interested in contributing to the Casebase project.