Employment Law - Case Study 2018

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Employment Law - Employment rights of part-time workers

CLM Northside represented a client who had been a long-term, part-time employee for 27 years.She never received a contract of employment.Her employment situation was never regularised and she was not receiving the annual leave, increments etc. that her full-time counterparts had.Despite numerous attempts on her part to regularise her situation and establish terms and conditions, she was ignored by her employer.

CLM’s input

CLM Northside engaged in correspondence with the client’s employer and negotiated on her behalf.We pointed out the employee’s rights and the employer’s obligations to her.We advised the client of the legal avenues open to her in the event that her employer refused to engage and compensate her for the unequal treatment.The client was still an employee and wished to continue with her job, which she enjoyed.For this reason, she was eager to reach an amicable settlement with her employer rather than engage in protracted legal proceedings.


When the client first attended the clinic, she was going through very stressful period in her life. She had done a lot of research herself into her rights but had hit a brick wall in her attempts to compel her employer to acknowledge the unfair and unlawful treatment and regularise her employment.The employee received a payment compensating her for the unequal treatment and now enjoys improved terms and conditions, as well as stability in her employment situation.


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