Submission on Equal Treatment Directive in Matters of Social Security

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CLM was invited to provide an interview to the European Commission - Directive-General for Justice and Consumers as part of an evaluation study on the application of the Directive 79/7/EEC on the progressive implementation of the principle of equal treatment for men and women in matters of social security. Our submission highlighted the lack of recognition in the social welfare system of care work and parenting, which affects women's choices and opportunities for employment and thus their potential to move out of poverty.

Pre-Budget Submission to the Department of Social Protection following on from the Roundtable on Social Welfare Law and Children

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Community Law & Mediation today published a pre-Budget submission on Children and the Social Welfare code.  The purpose of this submission is to highlight the impact on children of changes to the social welfare code and policies around that code.  In shaping social welfare policy, finite resources undoubtedly present limitations.  This submission examines the choices made within those constraints and makes recommendations for the choices that will be made in Budget 2016.  For many children, the reality of budgets that lack human rights and equality proofing is in fact regression. We submit that children are uniquely vulnerable and that the state is under an obligation to recognise this in its budgetary decisions and its social welfare policy.  Our recommendations present viable and very practical alternatives for decision-makers around Budget 2016. 

Submission examining the lack of Adequate Legal Support available to Borrowers facing Repossession of their Family Home

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Following a recent roundtable discussion, this submission examines the current trend of increased levels of long term mortgage arrears and applications for court ordered possession of family homes alongside the paucity of adequate and affordable legal assistance available to borrowers facing such legal proceedings.  Following on from the discussion, CLM believe that early and on going legal support is necessary for individuals in mortgage arrears to allow them to make informed decisions and to address the current power imbalance that exists in favour of lending institutions.