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Housing - Case Study 2015

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Background This case related to a client who had been living with her two children in private rented accommodation for three years. She had previously been living in a local authority house for over 30 years but had to leave due to harassment and intimidation in the area and at the time, her only option was to rent privately. The property she was renting was taken into receivership, and she was issued a Termination Notice, requiring her to vacate the property. She was unable to source alternative accommodation within the limit of the rent allowance and she was at immediate risk of homelessness.

Social Welfare: Rent Supplement/Housing Assistance Payment - Case Study 2015

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Background The client was living in private rented accommodation and had been in receipt of Rent Supplement for over two years. In April 2015, he was assessed by the local authority and he was deemed eligible for the new form of social housing support, the housing assistance payment (HAP). However, his landlord advised him that he would not participate in the HAP scheme and the client was unable to find alternative accommodation.