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“I approached [CLM Northside] because ….I got cancer and I could not work.  As a self employed person, I got into debt. Galway university has now done a study which shows the average debt a cancer patience gets into is €12,000 . This is because, even after chemotherapy treatment is over, a person is put under medical control for 5 years which means intensive medical care after treatment. My doctors in the Mater hospital said I would have to find a support system that could handle my growing debts.  I found the service so important to myself to be able to delegate these complicated issues, as my energy levels were so low. I do believe the stress of the debt issues, the team at [CLM Northside] took on for me helped me  get through my recovery from cancer … I would recommend [CLM Northside] to people whom have a acute critical illness or disability and can't handle legal disputes  that come their way.”