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Paul Bruun-Nielsen, Intern with CLM

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I interned with CLM on a part time basis during the summer of 2019 while I was studying for my FE1 examinations. As well as giving me real life experience of the day to day work of a solicitor, I was able to help conduct research for CLM's policy reform initiatives. I would really recommend interning with CLM , especially if you are considering a career in public interest law. You get given the opportunity to contribute to their work in a meaningful way, which gives you invaluable practical experience. The staff there are so welcoming and create a really great work environment. They were so flexible and understanding with the various commitments I I had on during my time there, and really did everything they could to make sure my experience with them was as fulfilling as possible.

Hannah Edwards, Intern with CLM

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I was an intern with CLM for two months during the summer after my second year of college. This internship gave me practical experience in the area of law, unlike that which I have experienced throughout my study of the subject in college. I was given the opportunity to engage in a number of projects that the solicitors were working on and to research topics that were new and interesting to me, vastly improving my research skills. The insight that I have been given into key areas of law such as employment law and housing law is very useful as it will aid my future studies in college. Not only that, but I have also gained an important insight into the areas of policy worked on by organisations such as CLM.

Simona Hamorska, Intern with CLM

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“I worked with CLM as an intern for my Clinical Legal Education module, as part of my fourth year Law degree at Trinity College Dublin, in 2019. My experience in the law centre was truly rewarding. During my time in CLM, I gained an insight into many different areas of law, such as housing law, equality law, debt law and social welfare, which I would less likely have found in TCD. I found myself experiencing a real life, day-to-day, work of a solicitor which provided me with new knowledge and skills. I learned something new every day, while in CLM, and I believe this was kind of an adventure for me which will be very useful for me in my future career. Everyone in CLM was lovely and I am truly thankful for being a part of such a great team.”

Kate Muldowney, Intern with CLM

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Kate Muldowney is a third year undergraduate student of Human Rights Law, English and Political Science at the Irish Centre for Human Rights,  NUI Galway.  This year, Kate spent three months interning with us here at CLM Northside.  She assisted with our representation cases, with research and with our law reform and policy work and gained an insight into the workings of a busy community law centre.  We would like to wish Kate all the very best in the rest of her degree and in her career, and thank her most sincerely for her work.

Darragh Hayes-Moriarty, Intern with CLM

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“I worked as an intern with CLM during the second year of my Masters in UCD in 2016/2017. During my time at the law centre, I was involved in several different areas of law, including employment law, housing law and social welfare appeals. My time at CLM gave me a great insight into the daily work of a lawyer, and I enjoyed a wide range of experiences such as legal queries and research, drafting documents and attending court. These practical experiences were a tremendous complement to my studies in UCD. Being an intern with CLM has helped me develop the abilities and skills needed for a successful career in law.”

Elena Harnett, Intern CLM Limerick

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“Working as an Intern with CLM Limerick my workload was incredibly diverse. It enabled me to develop legal practice skills such as research, drafting of legal documents, attending court, dealing with ad hoc legal queries and client management in addition to general office duties. There was a strong emphasis placed on learning and development. I was impressed to witness first hand the passion and enthusiasm exhibited by all staff for the work they do. The projects I was involved in with both the Limerick and Dublin Offices were captivating and highly diverse, and I feel my involvement with the Law Centre has given me the skill set needed for a successful career in law”.