Client Testimonial - Maternity Leave/Benefit

By nclcadmin Monday, 30th November 2015 | 0 comments
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"I contacted [Community Law & Mediation] due to difficulties I was having with regard to maternity leave and maternity benefit. My case and rights to maternity leave were not clear cut and fraught with uncertainty; without the support and expertise of the staff at [Community Law & Mediation] I really would have been at a loss in terms of the best approach to take and the skills necessary to do so. Throughout my experience with [Community Law & Mediation] the professional nature of the staff who worked with me was outstanding; I always felt reassured that my case was being dealt with in the best possible way. Not only was the process a positive experience but so too was the outcome at the Equality Tribunal, where I recieved personal and professional support and advice from the staff at [Community Law & Mediation], sincere thanks to you all."