Case Studies

The following case studies provide examples of the types of cases taken on by the Mediation Service.

Community Mediation - Case Study

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Background This case was referred to the CLM Mediation Service by the Courts Service of Ireland and related to a neighbour dispute about noise levels. One party was operating a dog kennels and behaviour training business from their home and the other party believed that the increased noise levels were unacceptable. They believed that the other party was ignoring their continued requests to reduce the level of noise. The person who was the subject of the complaint was of the opinion that the other party was complaining unnecessarily. The conflict escalated to arguments, threats and the subsequent issuing of court proceedings. By the time the parties engaged in mediation, their relationship had deteriorated the point where they were refusing to communicate with each other.

Family Mediation - Case Study

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Background CLM’s Mediation Service was contacted by a father in relation to ongoing conflict with his adult daughter. Both parties resided in the family home and both were employed. Due to work commitments, the father was a frequent traveller. However, at home the parties were experiencing significant difficulties in their relationship with each other.