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We approached Limerick Community Law & Mediation Centre for help after we had to leave our home due to serious anti-social behaviour in the area that was going on for a number of years.  We were advised by the Gardaí that it was not safe to return to our home.  We tried to resolve the matter ourselves but were getting nowhere.  We found out about the Law Centre and met the solicitor, Caroline, who gave us advice and took on our case.  She briefed barristers through the Bar Council’s Voluntary Assistance Scheme and we issued legal proceedings against the Council and the State for their failure to manage and control the anti social behaviour in our estate.  After about a year we settled our case.

We were very happy with the outcome and with the service provided.  Everything was always explained to us very clearly and we felt supported from the start.  We would have been lost without the service we received from the Law Centre.  We had been everywhere trying to get help and everyone was sympathetic, but no one else would take on our case.  We have never been happier and we are now getting our lives back on track after a very difficult time for our family.  

Client Testimonial 27 August 2014

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