The Mediation service is involved in a number of projects in communities across Ireland. The service works in partnership with community and public-sector organisations to manage conflict through the use of mediation.

The Mediation Service & The Alzheimer Society of Ireland

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In 2010, the Alzheimer Society of Ireland and the Mediation Service launched an elder mediation service to help families experiencing conflict affecting the care of an older person living with dementia.  The purpose was to offer older people with dementia and their families a means of decision-making and conflict resolution that minimises stress, promotes communication and understanding.  The service was launched as a one-year pilot project.  The success of the project was such that Elder Mediation is now a service offered within the Mediation Service.

"The Child’s Voice in the Room"

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2013 saw the introduction of Child Inclusive Mediation (CIM) which has enabled the service to focus on the interests of children affected by parental disputes. In November 2013, training in “The Child’s Voice in the Room", took place for twelve volunteers with follow on training taking place in February 2014.

Bray/Wicklow Mediation Project

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This Pilot Project is a joint collaboration initiative between the Mediation service and Co Wicklow Citizen’s Information Centre. The aim of the project is to provide a Community Mediation service in the Co Wicklow area, initiated by a group of Mediation Masters students from NUI Maynooth.

Module MC628: Mediation Theory into Practice: on the Masters in Mediation & Conflict Intervention programme.

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In 2013, the Mediation service entered a partnership with NUI Maynooth to deliver the module Mediation Theory into Practice on the Masters in Mediation & Conflict Intervention programme. This module consists of intensively supervised mediation practice during which time, the student and supervisor, a qualified mediator; follow the process as set out in a learning and assessment journal.  The supervisor assesses the student’s application of theory to practice over thirty hours of face to face mediation in live cases.