CLM Housing Law / Prevention of Homelessness Training Course

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This training course will examine the law relating to homelessness in Ireland – what is the State’s obligations to people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

This course will look at Social Housing supports, the application process and the scheme of allocations. It will explain tenancy rights, evictions, what constitutes an unlawful eviction, and how can this be challenged? 

The main outcomes will be:

  • the prevention of homelessness for individuals and families who are at risk of losing their home;
  • empowerment of individuals to advocate on their own behalf in respect of their housing and tenancy rights
  • up-skill other advocacy services and organisations in the area of housing and tenancy rights.

The cost of this course is €150.00 per person (10% discount for CLM Members). 

By Zoom

Date & Times

  • This course is a one day course split over 2 dates
  • Friday 14 & 21 Aug from 10am to 12.30

For an application form click here. For more information please email education

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