New One Day training course on Mortgage to Rent:

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This training course will look at the legalities of the MTR scheme. This one-day course will assist people in understanding fully the change in status from homeowner to tenant and what obligations are placed on them as a result.

The main learning outcomes of the course will be:

  • To develop knowledge and understanding of the Mortgage to Rent (“MTR”) scheme and how it works in practice;
  • To examine the differences between the policy and legal aspects of MTR;
  • To analyse the change in status from homeowner to tenant;
  • To develop an understanding of qualifying criteria applicable to the scheme;
  • To assess differing types of MTR schemes now available to distressed mortgage borrowers.

The cost of this course is €150.00 per person (10% discount for CLM Members). 

Carmelite Community Centre (Whitefriar),
56 Aungier Street,
Dublin 2.

Date & Times
Thursday 9th May 10am - 4pm

To book a place please email our Education department.  

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