One Day Training course on Rent Supplement Housing Assistance Payment Schemes (HAP) 11th March

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Community Law & Mediation's Training Course on Rent Supplement and Housing Assistance Payment Schemes (HAP)

This one-day course aims to examine the following,

  • The statutory framework and qualifying conditions regarding both schemes, in addition to eligibility requirements.
  • Changes to the rent supplement scheme introduced as a result of the Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2014 will also be examined,
  • The maximum rental limits and the appeal process.  
  • The HAP scheme, in terms of eligibility criteria, governing conditions for both tenants and property owners, maximum rental limits and review mechanism.
  • Review of both schemes in terms of comparisons that can be drawn between the schemes and identify any contrasts.
  • Aspects of the HAP scheme that may require amendment by way of law reform or further clarification will also be identified.   

The cost of this course is €150.00 to be paid in full before the course commences

(10% discount for CLM Members). 

Community Law and Mediation 
Northside Civic Centre,
Bunratty Road,
Coolock, Dublin 17    

Date & Times
Wednesday 11th  March 2020 from 10am to 4pm.

For an application form please email or phone 01 8477804


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