Moot Court 2016: Schools Project

By deniseleavy, Friday, 29th April 2016 | 0 comments

Community Law and Mediation run a Schools Project in local secondary schools in Coolock, with the aim of encouraging students to pursue a career in law and social justice. This project looks to introduce the local transition year students to the Irish legal system through a series of talks and guide them in their participation in a Moot Court Trial, which takes place in the UCD Sutherland School of Law’s purpose built Moot Court Room.

This year’s project with the local Girl’s School, Mercy College, began in October. The students attended four talks delivered in their school, which centred on areas which would most affect and be of most interest to them. These talks ranged from an introduction to the Irish legal system to criminal law to human rights and equality and the legalities surrounding social media. 

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