The Irish Community Development Law Journal is officially launched by the Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton

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Minister for Social Protection Ms. Joan Burton officially launched the The Irish Community Development Law online Journal on December 12th 2011 at an event at  Northside Community Law Centre, now CLM Northside

This new, challenging and informative online journal aims to address issues of social inclusion by encouraging greater collaboration between the fields of law, social policy and community development.

"In times of austerity it is vital that we find alternative solutions by encouraging collaboration among different disciplines. This journal will create a viable space where we can all share our experiences and ideas of how to make a better and more inclusive society that will promote stronger ties aimed at fostering local community economic development. I believe this journal will aid economic development and the overall well-being of local communities,” says the Minister. /resources/irish-community-development-law-journal.247.html 











(Pictured at the launch are previous Chairperson of the Board of Directors Mr.Tom Brennan, Minister for Social Protection Ms. Joan Burton, co-editor Ms. Maria Antonieta Nestor​ and co-editor and previous Managing Solciitor of NCLC Judge. Colin Daly).

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