The Mediation service marks its Tenth Anniversary

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On the 12th May, the Mediation service celebrated its 10th Anniversary with guest speaker, Eamon Gilmore.

The Mediation service was established by the Northside Community Law Centre in 2004 to address the need for a free and accessible conflict resolution service in the community beyond the traditional field of family law. The service offers mediation on community issues such as boundary disputes and antisocial behaviour and has expanded over the years to include other types of mediation such as elder mediation, sibling disputes, workplace disputes and Grandparent Visitation Mediation accepting referrals from various bodies including the Guards, the Courts Service and Local Authorities.

The demand for the service has grown over the years and since 2004, the Mediation service has handled 1,425 referrals with 78% of those progressing to mediation.  Of that number, approximately 77% result in a successfully mediated agreement.  This free service is provided by a panel of 150 fully trained Mediators who have contributed over 7,000 hours of their time since the service commenced.

Speaking at the celebration, Rose Wall, Director of the Service, said “The mediation service fits well within the many services offered by Northside Community Law Centre whose overall aim is that of empowerment of those living in disadvantage whether this is by providing them with legal advice and information so that they are better able to assert their rights or, as with mediation, by providing them with the means to take control of their lives by resolving disputes themselves.  In this way, Mediation complements the legal service as an alternative dispute resolution process when the latter is not appropriate.  This is particularly true of private disputes between family members and neighbours where it is vital that good relationships are preserved and parties are enabled to take important decisions over matters which affect their lives”.
















(Pictured above left to right: Ms Rose Wall, CEO CLM, Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore and Ms Valerie Gaughran Manager - Mediation)

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