Pilot Mediation Initiative with the Courts Service

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In 2011, a pilot mediation initiative was launched in the Dublin Circuit and District Civil Court Office.  The purpose of this scheme is to encourage lay litigants to engage in mediation in relation to disputes before the Courts.

The initiative, supported by the Courts Service, involves our mediation service along with South Dublin Mediation Service and Ballymun Mediation and is supported by the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII).  Disputes considered appropriate for mediation include boundary disputes, private prosecutions for breach of the peace, complaints about noise or nuisance pets, and disputes between adult family members on questions of property.

Staff in the Circuit and District Civil Court Office screen for cases which fall within the ambit of the initiative and advise applicants about the benefits of mediation. Interested parties can obtain an information leaflet and be directed to a specified local volunteer mediation service. The County Registrar may also refer cases from her court which she deems suitable for mediation.

For further details please contact Tom Ward, Courts Service Ireland.

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