The Mediation Service and the Family Courts

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Building on our successful seven-year working relationship with the Dublin District Court on Inns Quay, CLM’s Mediation Service initiated two new Mediation Referral Initiatives with the courts in 2018 – specifically the family courts in Bray and Swords.

This followed substantial growth in family mediation cases and the need for same in Ireland and worldwide.

It also followed the commencement of the Mediation Act 2017 on January 1, 2018. Under the Act, solicitors are now obliged to advise clients to consider mediation in certain cases. Courts may also, where they deem appropriate, advise parties to proceedings to consider mediation – and provide parties with information about the benefits of mediation.

Currently, a CLM volunteer attends Bray courthouse on the first Wednesday of every month, providing information on mediation and taking referrals. Otherwise, information leaflets and CLM contact details can be accessed any day in the court offices in Bray and Swords.

We continue to provide a volunteer to the Dublin District Court – also providing information on mediation and taking referrals - as part of an ongoing shared initiative since 2011 with two other community mediation providers.

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