Catherine McGuinness, Dave Ellis Intern CLM Northside

By nclcadmin, Tuesday, 5th August 2014 | 0 comments
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"I graduated from Griffith College Dublin in 2008 with an LLB in Irish Law, following this I applied for the position of Dave Ellis intern for NCLC in 2008/2009. During my time with the law centre I was given the opportunity to be involved in case work across various areas of law such as consumer, housing, employment and family law. The internship gave me a great insight into the day to day work of a lawyer and was very practical in comparison to the purely academic work of my degree.
In 2013 I successfully sat the entrance examination to the barrister at law degree in Kings Inns. I studied full time for one year. In July 2014 I graduated from Kings Inns and was called to the Bar of Ireland.

My time in NCLC was invaluable in my decision to become a Barrister. I was afforded the opportunity to see the work of solicitors and barristers and of the day to day workings of the law centre firsthand."

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