Hannah Edwards, Intern with CLM

By nclcadmin, Tuesday, 23rd July 2019 | 0 comments
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I was an intern with CLM for two months during the summer after my second year of college. This internship gave me practical experience in the area of law, unlike that which I have experienced throughout my study of the subject in college. I was given the opportunity to engage in a number of projects that the solicitors were working on and to research topics that were new and interesting to me, vastly improving my research skills. The insight that I have been given into key areas of law such as employment law and housing law is very useful as it will aid my future studies in college. Not only that, but I have also gained an important insight into the areas of policy worked on by organisations such as CLM.

I found the work to be both interesting and rewarding and would definitely say that my experience here has pushed me in a new direction going forward. I learned a lot during my time at CLM and have benefitted greatly from it. My experience here was invaluable and I am extremely grateful to all of the staff who were always helpful and kind and do not get enough credit for the important and challenging work that they do.

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