Simona Hamorska, Intern with CLM

By nclcadmin, Tuesday, 11th June 2019 | 0 comments
Filed under: Intern Testimonial.

“I worked with CLM as an intern for my Clinical Legal Education module, as part of my fourth year Law degree at Trinity College Dublin, in 2019. My experience in the law centre was truly rewarding. During my time in CLM, I gained an insight into many different areas of law, such as housing law, equality law, debt law and social welfare, which I would less likely have found in TCD. I found myself experiencing a real life, day-to-day, work of a solicitor which provided me with new knowledge and skills. I learned something new every day, while in CLM, and I believe this was kind of an adventure for me which will be very useful for me in my future career. Everyone in CLM was lovely and I am truly thankful for being a part of such a great team.”

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