Irish Community Development Law Journal

The Irish Community Development Law Journal is an online journal.  It was published twice a year by Community Law & Mediation but discontinued in 2016.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to offer an insight into how we can address issues of social inclusion by the use of social policy, law and community development principles.


The outcome of the Irish Community Development Law Journal is wide-ranging: to encourage academic research, to create academic and public awareness of Community Economic Development (CED) law and policy, to create awareness into the role played by community law centres in Ireland in the creation of sustainable communities; to create a space where CED law and policy can develop; to create greater connections between the corporate world and local communities and to encourage better dialogue between government, law, business and local communities and to create new ways where these relationships can create and promote better and more sustainable communities.


The readership is legal academics, lawyers and law students; the NGO sector including community development workers and practitioners; the public service sector; members of government and government departments and other social policy commentators

If you are interested in writing an article for the journal please email the Editor. Please click here for details on the submission guidelines for interested authors.

Past Editions



Volume 2 - Issue 2; "Housing".

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The issue examined a number of issues including the concept of housing need and the devastating impact of funding cuts on the housing provision for the most vulnerable.

Volume 2 - Issue 1; "Restorative Justice and Mediation".

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This issue provided a comprehensive picture of Restorative Justice in Ireland today. As well as providing a theoretical background, the articles chart the development of Restorative Justice in Ireland, paying particular attention to projects in Nenagh, Tallaght and Limerick.  This edition also included case studies and an interview that presented the work of Community Economic Development organisations. 

Volume 1 - Issue 4; "Legal services and community legal education".

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Community Economic Development combines legal, social policy and community development tools to tackle poverty and disempowerment within communities. The themes of this issue are Community Legal Education and Community Legal Services, both of which are essential to Community Economic Development, and CED lawyering in particular. This issue brings together articles that address these subjects from both academic and practical perspectives.

Volume 1 - Issue 3; "Community investment and participation".

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Community investment and participation requires not only policies but also the implementation of laws to achieve its potential. Community investment and participation is also a broad area that can be seen through different perspectives. This issue therefore seeks to offer an insight into the many shades of community and the different types of investment and participation we mean when we talk about community economic development (CED) law and policy.