2015: Roundtable on Age and Discrimination in Employment

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We held a roundtable at our offices in the Northside Civic Centre, Bunratty Road, Coolock on Thursday 12th November 2015.  The purpose of the roundtable was to explore the topic of Age and Discrimination in Employment, from a legal and social policy perspective. Our demographics are changing.  People are living longer, older people are healthier and more active and have valuable contributions to make to society either from within the workforce or in other aspects of their lives.  At this roundtable, we welcomed different perspectives on the legal and social implications of this.  We looked at the issues, both legal and social, experienced by older people in employment.  One of the legal issues we examined was that of a mandatory retirement age and objective justification.  This was an important discussion in the context of the increase in the State pension age and the then recent Employment Equality (Mandatory Retirement Age) Bill, which had been recently voted through to Committee Stage unopposed.  We also dealt with queries that engage the employment equality legislation, such as prevention of access to training and promotion, along with other manifestations of direct and indirect discrimination on grounds of age.  Our speakers were Cathy McGrady BL and Naomi Feely, Senior Policy Officer with Age Action.

Following on from the roundtable CLM made a submission to various government departments.

Read the submission here

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