2016: Housing & Homelessness Roundtable

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CLM held a roundtable discussion on Tuesday 13th December 2016, which provided key stakeholders with a platform to discuss our research and an opportunity to contribute their thoughts and experiences on the challenges and difficulties in the area of social housing support.

This roundtable fed into a CLM research project examining the Housing Allocations Scheme in Ireland, Making Rights Meaningful: A Legal Review of the Operation of the Social Housing Support List. We examined issues such as the legal obligations on local authorities in terms of the provision of social housing support, and how that correlates with the functional operation of the Allocations Schemes. The aim was to examine deficiencies in the current system and the resultant difficulties encountered by social housing support applicants.

Through an exploration of the impact of any such difficulties on social housing applicants, with a particular focus on people experiencing disadvantage, our aim is to raise awareness and propose recommendations to address the issues identified.

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