Employment Equality and Equal Status Guides

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Community Law and Mediation (CLM) today publishes new guides to raise awareness of equality procedures and how to take a case to the Workplace Relations Commission

Minister of State and Deputy for Dublin Bay North, Finian McGrath will formally launch two new guides on how to take an employment equality and equal status case to the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC) that have been produced by CLM in collaboration with Northside Centre for the Unemployed.

CLM has produced the guides in response to an absence of clear guidance and legal representation for people taking equality cases to the WRC. It aims to build awareness of employment equality and equal status legislation and to make it easier for members of the public to take a case to the WRC.

Click below to download the guides:

Discrimination in Accessing Goods and Services: Guide to Taking an Equal Status Case

Guide to Taking an Employment Equality Case


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