Information booklet and online guide on Voluntary Care

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On Thursday 15th December 2016 CLM Limerick launched an information booklet and online guide on Voluntary Care with the support of PILA (Public Interest Law Alliance) and Hewlett Packard.  We were delighted to have Dr Carol Coulter in attendance to launch the guide.  In her address, Dr Coulter highlighted the lack of transparency and independent oversight in relation to Voluntary Care. 
Voluntary Care is when permission is given by a parent for their child to be taken into care.  It is different from statutory care, which is where the State, through Tusla, applies to court for an order giving it permission to place a child in care.

Placing a child in voluntary care is a big decision.  It is important that parents fully understand what they are agreeing to and how it affects them and their child.  This is why CLM Limerick have put together this information booklet to be made available for everybody who would like to know about this very important topic.

Click here our online guide.

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