Submission in relation to the Workplace Relations Bill 2014

By janeosullivan, Tuesday, 11th November 2014 | 0 comments
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We very much welcome the enactment of legislation to clarify and indeed streamline what is now a complicated system that is difficult to navigate.  Here, the legislature is presented with an excellent opportunity to establish a robust, fair and clarified procedure for the adjudication of disputes falling within its remit.  Our submission emphasises five areas of concern or note in the Workplace Relations Bill as it currently stands.  The most important of these, from the perspective of our clients and service users, is the lack of a clear entitlement to legal aid, which is not currently afforded to people in employment cases involving that most fundamental element, their livelihood.  This need is critical and is a serious impediment to accessing justice, particularly in a situation where the inequality of arms is pronounced.  

Download the submission here. 

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