Traveller Accommodation

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CLM welcomed the opportunity to make a submission to the Seanad Public Consultation Committee on Travellers, post ethnic recognition in Ireland on ‘Travellers Towards a more equitable Ireland post recognition.’ This submission relates to the theme of ‘Dialogue and Traveller Social Inclusion’ with a particular focus on Traveller accommodation, as our engagement with communities through our outreach clinics has highlighted to us the issues that Travellers experience in the area of accommodation and in particular, issues related to the Caravan Loan Scheme.  

We set out the immense barriers Travellers still face in this area. These include difficulties in securing culturally appropriate accommodation, endemic discrimination in the private housing market and a limited access to legal representation which could remedy these situations. We emphasise the dangers of a “one-size-fits-all approach” and the need to service those who wish to remain on halting site accommodation.

We recommended an overhaul of the Caravan Loan Scheme, an expansion of legal aid scheme and that an improved and updated Circular Letter be sent out regarding the provision of Traveller Specific Accommodation. You can read our submission here.

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