Legal Eagles Programme

CLM’s Legal Eagles programme is for transition year students, it runs each year in two local schools in Coolook.

The programme aims to create greater awareness in our local schools about the Irish legal system and our Constitution. This programme provides a unique opportunity for learners to develop their research, writing and oral advocacy skills. The aim is also to encourage talented young people to consider pursuing a law career in the area of social justice and human rights.

The first part of the programme is the delivery of four legal talks on the following legal topics:

1. Introduction to the Irish Legal System

2. The Constitution and Equality

3. Criminal Law

4. Legalities of Social Networking

The second part of the programme involves a series of workshops were the students work on a fictional legal case in preparation of participation in a Moot Court. The Moot Court takes place in the UCD Sutherland School of Law court room.

This programme is funded each year by Dublin City Council (North Central Office)